The HoloGram Pyramid™ is tech gizmo that allows you to view and create images from your phone that appear to float above it with the illusion of a 3D holographic image.

You will quickly find yourself amazed and losing hours staring at and sharing this simple marvel of sci-fi reality. Watch 4Vu, “4 faces” or specially created Holographic Music Videos in HG format from Columbia Records.

Graphic arts and science students can use it to bring their 3D models to life and kids can doze off to the perfect animated night light (you know you have an old phone in the junk drawer just for this). The older kids (at the office) can create company logos or demos to use as giveaways at the next trade show or sales meeting, teachers can add a fun and educational project to the curriculum, and many more exciting uses will be added to our website and Facebook page! For example; Halloween is coming up, how about amazing the trick-or-treaters with a holographic jack-o’-lantern or skull in your front porch display?

We know you will want to show this to everyone once you have one and it’s sure to be a hit at your next dinner party or family function!


Most DIY and current offerings of the Pepper’s Ghost Pyramid are flawed!

That’s right… they don’t work correctly because everyone seemed to miss a critical technical point in the design and even worse a flaw in the angle of the pyramid to properly display an aligned, clean transition between any 2 sides that creates the full 3D illusion that makes you think you are seeing a 3D hologram.

Yes, this really works! However, most people never actually experience anything more than a screen reflection from their DIY version.

[for the record this is not a hologram or 3D, but when this is done correctly the illusion appears 3D and most people would commonly conclude that it is a hologram] 


Let’s address the technical aspects of what creates the illusion of 3D Holographic images popping out of your phone-

Required criteria;

  1. The image, and therefore the Pyramid, is transparent
  2. There are 4 images, preferably recorded or created with 4 separate views each corresponding to the 4 sides of the object to be displayed.
  3. The Pyramid (square frustum) is correctly designed and positioned to seamlessly depict multiple views of the image from multiple viewing angles.
  4. The outside surface of the Pyramid is the only reflective surface.

Now that we have established the criteria required to trick your minds eye into thinking that you are seeing a 3 dimensional object floating above your phone, let’s address some common issues found in the DIY projects or other available “clearest holograph pyramids”;

First, the type of material that is used must not be a thick plastic or you may get a reflection off of the outside surface and a second reflection off of the inside of the inside surface which will cause a double blur.


Double Blur Can Be Seen on DIY CD Case and Acrylic Pyramids

HoloGram Pyramid™ is Designed to Eliminate Double Blur


Next, the material used must be transparent. Using a black glass or mirror can certainly produce a crystal clear image, however, it is only an exact reflection of the image on your phone. This defeats the illusion entirely and will not trick your mind into thinking that you are looking at a Holographic image, just a solid reflection of your phone.


A Black Mirror Only Creates a Solid Reflection

HoloGram Pyramid™ is Crystal Clear to Create “Holographic” Images


Finally, many of the videos available online are only touching on the illusion by simply displaying 4 identical images on 4 sides. This will provide some degree of the effect when you view the corners and catch a glimpse of 2 sides of a properly aligned image that can be perceived to be 3 dimensional, however, we have found flaws in other’s angle and or alignment that cause the 2 sides to jump or be misaligned and also ruin the illusion.


The Corner of this Inferior Design Splits the Image Making the Butterfly Wing Appear to be Cut Off

HoloGram Pyramid™ Corners are Designed to be Thin and Aligned to Create a 3D Effect


Never fear, we have perfected and produced a very simple design that provides eye-popping, crisp, crystal clear images that will appear 3D with a holographic effect, like you have never seen before from your DIY CD, acrylic, plexiglas, black glass or mirror versions!

With our HoloGram Pyramid™ we have satisfied all of the criteria needed to produce the full illusion. You may not even realize what you have been missing until you have viewed our HoloGram Pyramid™. Viewing from the corners is the key, when you view the HoloGram Pyramid™ from a corner each eye will focus on each side causing your right eye to see the right image and the left eye to see the left image and if they are aligned correctly THE IMAGE WILL POP INTO 3D from your stereoscopic vision and mental perception! You are now able to see Pepper’s Ghost images that look and feel like an actual 3D hologram that is freely floating in space above your phone.

[An important note- Video of our HoloGram Pyramid™ is not able to convey the illusion since your screen is only providing you a 2 dimensional image. In order for your mind to switch into 3D perception it is necessary for you to physically view the HoloGram Pyramid™ in person. Your stereoscopic vision (meaning that you have 2 eyes spaced apart and your brain automatically calculates depth perception which allows you to see in 3 dimensions) can be fooled into believing there is depth and dimension when each eye is presented a separate image that corresponds to 2 sides of an object. By displaying these images on correctly angled reflective surfaces and viewing them from a corner you can be led to believe that 2 2D images equal 1 3D object, adding the transparent factor to the images further reinforces the perception of a 3D hologram. Our video focuses more on showcasing the color and clarity produced by our HoloGram Pyramid™ but to really see the effect you need to get one! ]


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