4Vu™ LITE App for iOS and Android Phones and Tablets

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Easily create your own 3D Holographic images in HG™ Format with your SmartPhone or Tablet from your own pictures or videos.
Point, click, view!

Visit our Suite of ‘Holographic’ Creation Tutorial Videos that will teach you how to create 3D Images and Video that you can use with 4Vu™ to produce your own creative content for HoloGram Pyramid™ –


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Product Description

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The 4Vu™ LITE app “Official Release” is available now!

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Quickly and easily create HG™ Format holographic images and videos for use with HoloGram Pyramid™

Advanced Crop Feature allows use of a wide range of resolutions and ratios without distortion

True ‘4 view’ 3D support

Logo Alignment Tool provides convenient and precise positioning of your HoloGram Pyramid™ on demand
(no more struggling to quickly hit the inaccurate ‘X’ at the beginning of a video!)

Visit our Suite of ‘Holographic’ Creation Tutorial Videos –