4Vu™ HoloGram Creation Suite


Introduction to FREE tools and techniques to help you quickly and easily focus your creative energy to 3D modeling, animation and graphics to create unique custom content and HG™ Format Images and Videos for our 3D Hologram Projectors – HoloGram Pyramid™

Lesson 1 – 4Vu™ with Images and Video created in Blender

Following are the first 3 of a 10 part series, additional videos will be added regularly.


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1. 4Vu™ Blender Introduction Tutorial

2. 4Vu™ 3D Object Creation Tutorial

3. 4Vu™ Animated Camera Tutorial

Sample 3D rendered object Blender file XFighter.Blend


Click on the following link to download the sample XFighter Blender file;


Use this file with our Animated Camera Tutorial Video #3 as a quick start to create the animated camera view of a 3D rendered object for use with our 4Vu™ app available on the App Store and Google Play.





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